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The mandate

Participate in updating the Quebec government’s early-stage clinical research initiative’s strategic plan. This initiative, financed by the Quebec government and private life sciences industry partners, is designed to showcase the excellence of Quebec’s clinical research and facilitate collaborations within the industry.

The challenge

Respond to the needs expressed by the various stakeholders in a politicized context in which public and private institutions work together.

The solutions

  • Provide the strategic committee with communications and marketing expertise

  • Coordinate the initiative’s definition of its positioning and identity

  • Simplify scientific concepts for mainstream stakeholders

  • Produce and format information tools (reports, presentations, website, etc.)

The results

This early clinical research initiative (known as IRCP) officially became CATALIS after the IRCP’s membership adopted the plan.  

“Catherine joined the project team once it was already up and running; her quick integration was possible thanks to her team spirit and deep understanding of complex problems. Professional and honest, she made valuable contributions by taking both operational and strategic elements into consideration. Thank you, Catherine, for your complementary contribution!”

Dan Chiche, head of the strategic committee