Doing our part to create a more just, equitable and sustainable world. Contributing to the achievement of the UN's sustainable development goals. Encouraging the emergence of a benevolent and respectful society, where every person has the space and time to thrive.

  • Education

    OROKOM invests in the ongoing training and skill development of its team members, clients, and partners. This pedagogical approach, in addition to offered internships and participation in educational projects, contributes to the acquisition and transfer of knowledge and experience.

  • Economy

    OROKOM offers stable, well-paid employment in a healthy and inclusive environment, encouraging a good work-life balance. Our values and commitments lead us to favour collaborations as well as suppliers that are local and have a high impact potential.

  • Responsible Practices

    OROKOM raises awareness and inspires the adoption of responsible practices through a tailored and dynamic range of consulting services, the application of eco-design principles, responsible messaging and the promotion of best business practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

OROKOM has adopted a corporate social responsibility policy to guide our team members' decisions and ensure that their actions are aligned with the company's vision and values.

Our approach is based on a deep reflection regarding societal and organizational issues, which is why we have made formal commitments in these five areas of sustainable development:

  • Mission and Governance

  • Team

  • Communities

  • Clientele

  • Environment

Prioritized Course of Action

In order to make a significant contribution to the emergence of a benevolent society where people and communities can thrive in mutual respect, OROKOM has identified 4 strategic pillars for the 2022-2024 timeline.


OROKOM demonstrates its commitment by adopting responsible business practices.


OROKOM's clients evolve their organizational practices towards a kinder, more authentic, and balanced culture where everyone can realize their full potential.


Multi-sector collaborations are initiated and facilitated in order to collectively address societal, environmental, and economic issues.


OROKOM raises the awareness of its stakeholders to sustainable development objectives while inspiring the adoption of responsible business practices.

Key Numbers

  • 5

    Percentage of payroll allocated to ongoing training

  • 2

    Sector partnerships aimed at promoting responsible practices

  • 2

    Codes of Ethical Conduct to guide our team's actions