Do you wish to attract new members, promote your services, or develop your sales while also respecting your DNA? Let's capitalize on your distinctive strengths to generate results that are sustainable, will stand the test of time, and that reflect your ambitions in an ethical and responsible manner.

What is responsible promotion?

Responsible promotion is part of a sustainable marketing approach, committed and respectful of the planet, its people, and socio-economic constraints. It is based on transparency and consumption that is both responsible and sensible in order to support your organization's transition towards business models centred on value creation and that meet the challenges of sustainable development.

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Promotion That Aims to Maximize Your Impact

To create a successful promotion strategy, our team takes your entire ecosystem into account. From your key stakeholders through to your available resources, we assess your needs and identify the actions you need to take to maximize your impact.

We then support you in the creation of effective tools to mobilize your community and promote your offers:

  • Storytelling that makes a lasting impression;

  • Broadcasting clear, dynamic and well-targeted messages;

  • Alignment of your brand image with your raison d'être;

  • Forging strong ties with your customers and partners for relationships that last.

Our environmentally conscious marketing approach means that we carefully consider the impact of the actions we recommend and that we favour the eco-design of tools used for promotional purposes.

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Relationship-based Business Development

The success of your business development depends on a strong relational connection with your network. At OROKOM, we firmly believe that proximity and dialogue with your stakeholders provide the foundation for successful business relationships.

Our support begins with a guided in-depth reflection, in an atmosphere of trust, openness and attentiveness. Together, we assess your needs, and then we develop and implement actions aligned with your objectives.

"Our visibility plan allowed us to reach our ambitious objectives. Also, the tools we developed provided flexibility and creativity when finalizing the agreements, which was reassuring and invaluable in our relationships with our partners."

Virginie Galarneau, Les Productions Diverso (translated from French)

Dare to do better and rise above the status quo

  • Confirm the relevance of your strategic orientations

  • Define development priorities that are consistent with your mission

  • Identify the stakeholders on whom you want to have an impact

  • Co-create powerful arguments

  • Improve your offer by adapting it to market needs