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You dream of doing things differently, with passion, audacity, and humility? Have you got an entrepreneurial spirit? Come cultivate human potential and co-create the future with us!

OROKOM has a lot to offer







Joining our team means immersing yourself in an atypical management approach where we test and apply what we preach, and where everyone contributes their voice to the construction of an organization that makes sense and that has a strong and lasting impact on all its stakeholders.

Clarify Your Expectations

Do you think you can play a strategic and constructive role in our organization? You should definitely consider joining our team if you're looking for:

  • An organization whose vision, mission and values resonate with you;

  • An inclusive environment that respects and values diversity in all its forms;

  • Colleagues who respect, encourage and support each other;

  • Great flexibility and a real work-life balance;

  • Multiple opportunities to develop your skills and evolve your professional practices;

  • A work environment where you won't be distinguished by your title (we all have the same one!), but by your influence, the recognition of the people around you and a wealth of experiences, both human and professional.

Launch Yourself into Adventure

  1. Submit your application

    You can send a cover letter and CV to info@orokom.com or click on the button below to fill in our contact form.

  2. Discuss possible collaboration

    On a walk in the woods with Catherine, you'll discuss your values, motivations, and interests for the job.

  3. Check if the match is right

    During a videoconference interview, Julie and Charlotte will assess the fit between our respective needs and expectations.

  4. Project yourself into action

    Philippe-Laurent will propose an asynchronous situational simulation.

  5. Accept our offer

    Catherine and you will clarify the terms of employment and sign your contract.

  6. Join the team

    Get to know the other team members and begin your integration process.

*Your CV will be stored on secure servers for 5 years.

Find Your X

Once you've joined us, familiarize yourself with our corporate culture and slowly take your place.

Think outside the box and learn to do things differently

"I founded OROKOM to create the work environment I needed: a place of security, autonomy and freedom; a lever of empowerment, respectful of each person's singularity. This business project took me off the beaten path, away from traditional frameworks. Through OROKOM, I've been able to be myself and rewrite the rules of the game by collaborating with incredible people who nourish my head, heart and soul." – Catherine

Cultivate balance

"Working at OROKOM brings a lot of gentleness to my daily life as a young mother: my flexible schedule means I can always be there for my daughter at important times. I'm relieved to share roles and responsibilities with my colleagues, and to know that we can count on each other when needed: this helps strengthen my commitment and our team cohesion." – Daphné

Achieve self-realization on many levels

"My part-time job fulfills me professionally while allowing me to remain available for my family, my community and the realization of my own projects. Before joining the OROKOM team, I thought I'd have to put aside my career, my values and my desire to make an impact in order to thrive on all levels. However, time and experience have shown me that I can make a significant contribution to internal mandates and projects while respecting my personal limits and needs." – Élodie

Focus on collective intelligence

"From inside and out, OROKOM is an innovative and inspiring organization. Its priorities, geared towards the development of a more humane and sustainable world, are in line with my deepest values and meet my need for meaning. Both collectively and individually, the OROKOM team evolves with respect and intelligence: an intelligence of heart and mind! I'm privileged to grow in such a healthy and vibrant work environment!" – Julie