The success of your organization depends in part on effective, efficient, and responsible communication. Together, let's design and deliver clear messages that are adapted to your particular audience and whose environmental impact is controlled.

What is responsible communication?

Responsible communication refers to a global, systemic, and holistic process that transversally cuts across all aspects of communication and influences the content as much as the delivery method.  

It is based on four pillars:

  • Responsible messages

  • Eco-design of media

  • Efficiency and business ethics

  • Dialogue with stakeholders

Our team embraces these principles, from strategic planning through to implementation. This approach ensures that your internal and external communication actions are consistent and aligned with your organization's values and global strategy.

Want to know more?

External Communication: Build Your Brand Image and Mobilize Your Business Partners

We are committed to making you known for your true value. This is why we accompany you in all your communication actions and act both to strengthen the mobilization of your external stakeholders (suppliers, donors, communities ...) and to build strong and lasting relationships.

OROKOM's approach is guided by an ethical process, that is aligned with your values and respects your vision. We cover the following areas:

  • Diagnostics, including the analysis of issues, of positioning and of stakeholders;

  • Identification of strategic orientations and reinforcement of the brand image;

  • Creation and monitoring of the communication plan;

  • Implementation of actions and operational follow-up;

  • Relations with external stakeholders;

  • Consulting services regarding responsible communication practices.

Our mandates include deliverables that encourage knowledge transfer, which allows you to gain autonomy over your future actions. With the help of our team, you gain the ability to take charge of your communications, in accordance with your needs and your context.

Do you have a large-scale or long-term project? Do you need to mobilize clients, partners, suppliers, financial backers, or communities to keep them interested and committed to your process? An effective external communication approach will allow you to build an open and responsive ecosystem through which you can achieve your objectives.

Internal Communication: Mobilizing Your Teams  

Structuring your internal communications in order to engage your teams and strengthen your employer brand allows you to create a distinctive employee experience. 

Our team intervenes at a high level with the objective of improving cooperation within your organization. We start by making a diagnosis and then create a mobilization strategy together. Finally, we implement communication actions adapted to the context, culture, and realities of your teams.  

Our approach combines responsible best practices in animation and facilitation. The objective is to clearly articulate a common vision and to give you the resources necessary to engage your teams. To achieve this, we develop communication tools that are adapted to your needs and feasible in terms of your resources.

Do you have internal communication issues? Do you want to retain your talents and offer a positive and engaging work environment? Our priority is to accompany you in your organization's development by creating the conditions required for the successful realization of your ambitions.

Strengthen cooperation within your teams and maximize the impact of your projects

  • Create and develop an attractive employer brand

  • Strengthen the commitment of your internal stakeholders (employees, managers, board members...)

  • Clarify individual involvement by defining roles and responsibilities

  • Structure your interventions to maintain motivation and include the right people at the right time

  • Facilitate and promote the flow of information leading to action