Every person has distinctive strengths and skills that allow them to make a unique contribution. It is for this reason that we offer a respectful and inclusive working environment, where everyone has the time and space they need to fully realize their ambitions.

Talents With Complementary Profiles

The Leadership Circle provides us with a better understanding of the deep-seated motivations that underpin the behaviours and influence the leadership styles of our team members. This information proves very useful when it comes to creating those project pairings that are best suited to meeting the needs of our clients.

Visual inspired by the Leadership Circle representing the complementary skills of OROKOM team members.
Visual inspired by the Leadership Circle representing the complementary skills of OROKOM team members.

Visual inspired by the Leadership Circle representing the complementary skills of OROKOM team members.

Did You Know?

The designation C.M.C., which is governed by the Ordre des administrateurs du Québec, is added to that of Chartered Administrator (Adm.A), and is a guarantee of protection, integrity and excellence in management consulting. Catherine Lamontagne's certification commits the entire team to complying with the Adm.A Code of Ethics and the CMC-Canada Uniform Code of Ethics.

A Team with Wide-Ranging Experience

  • Catherine Lamontagne

    Founder and Strategist

    The vast domain of communications has proven to be an ideal playground for elaborating ambitious strategies and plans to achieve her clients' business objectives and to facilitate success in the context of change management. Catherine stands out by her versatility, analytical skills, strategic thinking and systemic approach to the organization and its environment.

  • Julie Dupont Lebel


    Whether with her clients or her team, Julie stands out for her agility in evaluating possibilities and in problem solving. She strives to make a difference in the world around her. Julie has an extensive background in overseeing projects, management, and communications. She naturally possesses a global vision, while keeping an eye on those details that create value. She is described as flexible, creative, and caring.

  • Elodie Malroux


    Élodie is a communications professional with two feet firmly planted on the ground and in everyday life. For the past fifteen years, she has lent her vision and skills to a number of non-profits and individuals, accompanying them through the crucial stages of their projects and organizational development. Her versatility enables her to carry out a wide range of mandates, from strategic planning to the management of digital platforms.

  • Daphné Gendron


    Passionate about numbers, Daphné bridges the gap between ideas, actions, and results. Her in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance enhances analyses and diagnostics with a perspective that complements that of the other team members. In addition, her down-to-earth approach facilitates the identification of realistic, high value-added solutions. Her communication and management skills, developed through experiences in a variety of industries such as consumer services and the industrial sector, make her a versatile ally.