Whatever the scale of the envisioned change, our team will support you throughout the entire process with effective preparation and guidance tools.

Changing the world, one action at a time

Is your organization going through an evolution or a change to which your stakeholders must adapt? Are you looking for continuous improvement or a transition to more responsible, sustainable, and caring practices?

In the context of evolution, or faced with an unexpected situation, you may need a sounding board to give meaning to your action, validate the next steps, clarify your hesitations, explore possible solutions, and shape your future.

By integrating OROKOM into your reflection process, you will have a fresh perspective, a caring and safe space for discussion, and a partner committed to the sustainable development of your organization.

Throughout the course of our consulting services, we propose tools or templates to help you to gain autonomy and make your new processes sustainable, thereby giving meaning to your actions and facilitating your decision making process. Our motto? Firm on the objectives, flexible on the means.

Want to know more?

Thanks to our holistic approach to change and our expertise in responsible practices, we can effectively guide you through the three major phases of change while keeping the human element at the heart of the process.

Before (Awakening)

  1. Assess

    the context for change to ensure its relevance

  2. Analyze

    the readiness of the personnel to adopt the proposed change

  3. Mobilize

    teams through awareness and facilitation workshops

  4. Identify

    the facilitators, obstacles and risks to the change

  5. Consult and communicate

    with stakeholders to ensure the flow of information, reduce friction, anxiety and difficulties

  6. Plan

    actions: prepare the transition, coordinate actions, facilitate workshops, advise the steering committee

  7. Identify

    SMART (Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Time-bound) objectives

During (Transition)

  1. Coordinate

    actions related to the change in real time and set up new flexible and resilient structures following the change

  2. Accompany

    the formalization of new processes

  3. Celebrate

    successes (even the small ones!) and encourage mobilization

  4. Advise

    the governance committee on how to communicate the new vision

  5. Reinforce

    the new organizational culture through education and storytelling (development of an organizational narrative)

After (Ritualization)

  1. Monitor

    the new functioning and adjust actions as needed

  2. Verify

    the adoption of new behaviours by conducting interim assessments

  3. Consolidate

    the mobilization of the teams and remain attentive

Need help communicating on current or upcoming changes within your organization?

Focus on training, workshops and knowledge transfer

Are you looking to maximize your team's autonomy? We offer customized training, workshops, and conferences designed to increase your capacity to act and better prepare you for change management. Our team can set up workshops for sharing on several topics: impact leadership, value alignment, the organisation’s social role, influence, responsible practices...

Our trainings and conferences are available in on-site, hybrid or remote mode.